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Introducing the Social Snowball + CreatorCommerce integration

January 17, 2024
Introducing the new Social Snowball x CreatorCommerce integration, which enables Social Snowball merchants to issue affiliates their own co-branded shops all from one place.

A new year comes with new ways of doing things. Change is a virtue in DTC after-all. With influencer/affiliate marketing set for another year of dramatic expansion – the brands that win big this year will end up taking a deeper look at creator-led merchandising strategies.

This is why we couldn’t be more excited to be rolling out the new CreatorCommerce x Social Snowball integration. Arriving just in time for brands preparing to launch a robust word-of-mouth marketing program in 2024. Looking ahead, any Shopify brand can use Social Snowball to power a foundational affiliate/influencer marketing program, and then in turn can allow their affiliates to sell their products from unique co-branded shops of their own. 

So, what’s CreatorCommerce all about?

CreatorCommerce empowers affiliates/influencers to level-up affiliate performance by selling from self-branded shops, instead of one-size-fits-all affiliate links. This change in format allows creators to offer a more entrepreneurial, and novel shopping experience to their followers. Designed to induce more trust and efficiency for shoppers. 

And Social Snowball? They’re pretty awesome too

The Social Snowball platform is all about making every customer a potential affiliate and keeping influencer marketing easy to manage on top. It’s become extremely popular among eCommerce brands for a good reason – it makes the whole affiliate, influencer, and referral game a lot simpler and more effective. You can recruit new affiliates, outline dynamic programs/terms, issue payouts, dispatch gifts, and integrate with powerful tools all from one place.

Two tools, masters of their own crafts

Merging Social Snowball’s foundation with CreatorCommerce’s storefronts is the best of both worlds. It’s not just about getting more creators involved in your brand; it’s also about making those connections feel, trustworthy, and effective.

Brands get to partner with two platforms that each have their own respective expertise across affiliate recruitment/management and affiliate performance/execution.

The perks

Brands who enable this integration get to enjoy:

More authentic experiences: Creators can create a real connection with their audience, which is great for building trust and loyalty.

Reach more eyeballs: With Social Snowball, you’re turning customers into brand retailers, so your brand gets seen by more folks and gets pushed more often.

More sales: Personalized shops from CreatorCommerce mean higher commission rates, and a bigger takehome result for everyone involved.

Protect discount codes: Take advantage of SafeLinks, and unique auto-generated discounts that get applied at checkout.

Easier to manage: This team-up makes juggling affiliate and influencer programs way less of a headache, allowing everything to be managed in Social Snowball.

Smart insights: You get to see all the important numbers and stats to help you make better decisions for your creator base looking ahead. Say goodbye to affiliate/influencer data leakage.

What’s ahead

We wish we could highlight everything this integration can do and what this means for affiliate/influencer marketing moving forward, but for that you’re going to need to stay tuned. A cultural shift is underway with how creators & brands work together. Going forward we should see more engagement, more equity, and more earnings in this next wave in the industry. 

It all starts by providing your affiliates & influencers with not just co-branded landing pages, but a suite of co-branded tools for making sales & building a greater business of their own in the process.

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